Are We Done Yet
Are We Done Yet

Episode 13 · 1 year ago

Ep11 Mental Me Too


In this episode, Fab dabbles in weed, Gowse becomes a heroin addict and we tackle me too!

I think we just N it hello, everybodyand Wel m back t we done now. Pardcast ha ha ha a if you if you've been wh ifyou've been listening or watching. You know that I mess up the the pukcasttitled a lot and I' v decided to see what got his expression was sayingafter I said it and H he's a he was, he was shocked. I think it wasshock as e, perfect H, expression to describe temte Toi N Russian anyway, we'll come back everyone you know you're here with galous andmyself. It's a beautifully beautiful day wereinside right now is very hot. My face is melting, I'm losing waterweights, which is oneway to be positive about this Um, but I will quickly get that back assoon as I drink. Water, Swi man, so have you been dud? 'vebeen Goodi feelsomewhat glad t a lock down. Doesn't look like the end of us. doesnit seemlike it's going to go to. The otomopoclips doesn't seem like there'sany terminaar celevators on the site. Um they're goingto open the pups nextweek, yeah, which is Great S, I'm not going to lie. I scree Oit, the SimonSight, and I sent you to so many Mandan just saying that we could go, havecocked touse, those Fru, Eo mamets and we've loved all our lives. WECANHAPPENCOAN Havei should point out to everyone that I I did not get that SimmonsMessage. If I gon the video from you, you ere agard, taxt yeah he's talking about CE technicaldifficulties. On My side, never mind you guys onneed, to know that that'spowly busthes, gals tkeep it within thei family, H, Haveyou, beenve. How you mean I'vebeen I've been good. I've been okay Um. What have I been up to Um since thelast pause? I've been I've been yeah. I've been going out a lot still still the comes in Um late nights. You know not officialparties, parties, leval Rae, I mean no. They like opened in thesmoking area of spoons. Basically, it wish Wat materb, because by the timethis comes out, it's spotsallthe opening, so that'll be over. So Yeah Ean go into damn. That's quitefun. I have met. Three individuals are very, verystrange one, just a definition of bad vibes. Thiswoman, who just walked she, was walking past every table and deeply staring atthem. Like. Oh, like five seconds like this she'd be walking to be like this and then she'd walk to the NEX tableand do the same thing geeze. It was like the definition of bad vibsing. Youknow when someone walks past you and then you can kind of smell them. Yeah,even Hurst Mell was bad fo, hilike Ho sense like it felt like you know when,like Um, when a ghost like walks when they say like Wen, you get the shipnesor something, and it's just like a ghostwalks Pars. It's like I, I smelledher before e even saw her, and I was just likeso. I am plad its about tohappen. was she like? Be I've, become absolutely hooked onto Karen, like videos right now is the best thing nown to man andespecially 'cause. I I've tried to jump back into studying and everything likethat. Yeah it', it's very difficult for me not to like just procrassinate bywatching Carran videos, the best thing Wa yeah. The best thing that happened tome was finding out them about the carrent videos and I'm fonlef Cermanyfucking pages. Just to see more and more of this SAR it's it's beautiful,but Whan You'e, saying kind of remind me of every video of eve of Tha Ondasi,which is basically just a woman just being a Dick just in Seclaia, usuallyagainst Kondon members of the PABNE. I mean Ye, I mean like m after an hourafter she was just staring at everyone. She came back. She asked for Aliza andI was just like not nots. I was like O Jus, I'm just talking to him. Sorrycarn he's like well, who give me a liar. Why won't you give me a light? You'rerude,... want to fight me and then teachersproceeded to go and raise this rent. I'm not a hundred percent sure w of whaw exactly she said, but I'm pretty sure I heard Africa and this country and and the the usual cliches Yeb KingAbaloo God, man Guet some new material Youbringtobe, but she wasn't like. Shewas literally crazy like she, she he. It was not even worth engaging in a ina discussion with her because she she couldn't be held accountable for allthe states of Miney like if she, if she killed me, she wouldn't have gote toprison. She would have Gote Nto an insane Assylund that DIS o. It was thattype of person, Um, F, yeah, H, yeah and then, but apart from thataway, who are the othe two people that you found him ere bad vice oell, theother two people were just well. One was the other one t was a badbybe justthis old dude who was like a like a child like a fifteen year old but lookslike a middle aged white dude with a beer belly an wo come toas Il Make MakeOh Youe, no having fun right. U You got loving this right, H, Il Mak you', agood one, you're a good one cu I c have a stigment can oe SIG and then he justll just chut, and then he just go aggressive all of a sudden, and then Ihave to be like I'm just trying to have a conversation. Oh No! It's all rightand just go n Star, O always ry some coke. It was just. It was a lot like this tad.I do want to chill Ebro like even farkwould those people kind of bringeveryone else worded together because, like everyone just looks at each other,that's like listening to this guy. I'm like is this happening. It is happening. We none of us wantthis right, no cool and t e, the Gi en then we bond over how crazy that was Ayeah, I mean that's what the humanrace is all about. We Bo Kno by other people's floorts. How we're wrongthat's right and then the other guy is, is a dudes who just basically spoke so much weed h,he' he's actually good byhisbut he's an interesting guy because he smokes somuch weed that he's just on a loop like every ten seconds. He just goes MadyeahMan, I love weed man and HEU're like eryey weeds. All right. Do you smokeweed man? Do you like weed like yeah? I O have Tom resmoked that much, but youknow I have maybe special ocations like on Yow years or something I've Gya andthen he's like H, right, cool and then you know mea. Everyone else is talkingin like ten seconds after that, like I love, we wens the best man, you like wheat, and then he spodge you every time yousay yes, every time you said you like weed Yeu'll like just give you that,like Oh em, yeah, see I I don'tou know like Tha American stereotype of likeastona is four twinty Blazen e torally. I don't know what the British vencrivialent it's that guy, like that, guy honestly iliiest. That guy I mean that sells mycife. We me and Joe Ma- I I think like three times, and it was just likeGoinlo just kind of like staying way too long talking about the same topiclike every ten seconds, but then after one of the nights he got it got quitedeep, like you started telling his his story and it was like. Oh, he actuallyhad some depth s to him, but then, like the next day, he was just back likeyeah man. We, oh cool, he loves weave. No, I don't real like on thatconversation like just going to pups and just ending up tefriending peopleand then going into the most deepest of chancs. It used to be a thing: U usedto have very prominent thing in my life, yeah maused to be bagging right still, esmond still is but yeah havinga interaction with human race in a while. So then can't wait to happen with you tomorrow, it's going to be so fun, and probablytomorrow with the POTCOST, we might go to a pub who knows no'll be dogy weekfrom now MiG as well a Wshi. Actually, no, I forgot Im to tell you that I'mgoing to Paris, I'm fraity wait Tis her! I when are you coming back? I don'tknow. I think I'll Bei'll be back like next week, the following week at somepoint, but I've not booked e atend ticket. I G M. my giy did no big from knife right nowyou just eloped from life. No, no! No! No! I I'm just goingbecause of my sister. She she kind of like she. I think s he she needs methere for a bit and Um yeah right h. Her mental health is not impoint rightnow, so I'm like okay, I mean that's the main reason, but Oodon't get mewrong. I'me enjoying a fuck out,...'re gonna you're gointo get a low ofinstant grams. I'm planning to grow eiffeltower planning to see the oldneighborhood I'm making Amosot of this man furk. Ah Man did you hear about. I hada topic in mine and I just I just got justinterrupted you just then nevermind. No just go just go just got o there we go there. We Go oh, but I'veben BB. I'm just going to say: WHAT'S ON MY MIND: Um Ebuddy, hey you hear by the crhey howyou do el You, allget Er. You hear Abot that Cristale you Hearim Bot thatcomedian Chrystalie no yeah Nowell, basically he's a comedian. That's Dong like E's.Quite quite popular e's got financially specials he's got a podcast he's got Um.What does he have? He h Wa he's been ou a few sitcoms. He was on like you knowthat show you about the guy that stalks who's in that h. That was a great show.I loved it. So if hes look out with he long, hair, apparently he' play Te.Purb Guy, Oh, I do know Im. I don't know yes haveseen him on my instanfeed. Yes, so have he got me too? Whi, im n canceling him.So there was a girl. There was like a girl, thattreated saying. Oh, I used tohave this Um, this uh H, th ostelthi story as a Joe, a poise butum. When I was sixteen, this Conbenieng Chrysalea message me through throughinsogram and and then he wanted like pictures and shit and then a bunch ofother girls said that he messaged them when they were undhe rage as well. You know the worst thing about thatstory is that's identical to his band. Yet that's what people think why onEarth would you accept a roll that can come again and, like literally cut you in the ass andalso would be the most incredible man ever like you can't be that met toliterally play yourself on a show about like sierco yeah, my Godis Mag? He hegot, he got dropped by his represent by hisagents and managers like it's crazy. He he he got the full m t treatment, godlast money, YEA got l package Um,but it's crazy man 'cause. He he he's quite funny and he was basic butdifferent, great guy, but it's just it's like,even though he's technically, like none of them, said that he's ever like hadtex with hem or H, so he's not, but still y. You knowthe act and sh the girl said something interesting, whic w s like well, youcould tell I was in secondary school because all my pictures on InstogramAwu, like friends and we m me with like a cheerleading outfit- I wih Ould- makeit obvious that, like I'm in Seconscor Um, which is like well, I'm not sureshe wasn't a Chileting of it, but you know with things that OBV that make itobviously Youinsycudar school. I guess it's the difference betweenlike remember that time, Drake Brough up that girl in one of the contents andthen was dancing with her and then she ended up being like seventeen or likesixteen, I think, empteen and then he end ur saying Oh, I didn't know at thetime, but he said something borte like predatorial. He was like she liked it.I liked it, but I didn't know so I I don't know there's anything wrong here,but the only thing that I could to take on his side is that he did it he. Sothen, it's not like he's aiming for it, and but this is just cine, regardless of he had sexor, notjust going for the sixteen years going forheand. It was like, I think, of theast five girls that that were that saidthat and so itwas kind of, like they bein accused of like grooming, tryingto grom sixteen year old sixte year old goes yeah. 'CAUSE Yit was like DNSmakes sense to some extent when you're like a celebrity and you' like Ding,like a module, an Insteamodyeah ismoral that bullshit like at sixteen like, Iknow, there's. Unfortunately, a few garls now do do that ru and all thatyhear, and I it's not a bad thing. It's just like you are preparing sefor, alogin AOS, very early in your life, but like I'm assuming tat like if she's gotpictures of a secondary school an all last year, she was just a normal girl.So they're like it's Um is I mean it's great, I think yeah,it's Um, it's crazy, and then I brought that up also because there's there'sthis account. Tis twitter accounts that essentially takes anonymous accusationsfrom Ti from so if you'R ont, you can stand that you can DM. You can damnyour story to dispror account of like saying all right. This person- that'sfamous Didsoti this to me, and then they will publish it and they get a lotof attention so like there was a flood over this p of the last few days offlebry celebrities. Getting me tooes pro that account like just and Bievergot one UM.

I I heard about that. He proved it wrong also Di. I provethat wrong and I, like the cast of Riverdell a lotof the guys. People said that about yeah, I'm notGoingto Li you like that show, but they all look like Norit's, because they'refucking they're in their twentis pan teenagers. Of course, theyhthno no N,don't trust a man T at dies, his hair red, don't not trust the in. I justhave ready for the show just 'cause Theya toat, a Dasi Mor no nono, not all right, but I mean a lot of themapproven. I said that you know they were not guilty and I guess whichbrings us to the point of I guess the morality of this was thebest way to read deal with situations when you have an accusation and andwhen you're a Cuin, I think I think Maye it doestn't be sa a statement andwith now with this mall context, it does make sense. Bu Do appreciate batmore than anything with is, which is something on the lines of Um ad rather I'. I rather believe the lie Thassomeone saying that they go reigned or they go, and yet we so in a warer,rather than rather than thinking I's a lineimmediately at a length, I don't mind, I think it's fair to be to give themarfor that ow, initially Ola so tha, nothing so that its a I nowa case,where, like everything that you ps somebody just shunk down, because thatwas not exactly right so T. I presently think that you should give asle ifsomeone's got the Bulls to say an accusation, give them give them thetrust enough to prove the accuvation Prof. what happend and see where itgoes from there and heasm? Unfortunately, we do live in the socieathere's going to be Ling, low kind. I can guarantee a majority of the peoplethat AIK majority Mority Vitims donal on that attention. That's why it'sgoing unde the reast so long ty they trumatize so much that they don't wantto save, but if they co get over that barial and actually come out. ToastbeSavis, thus taken so much effort, so much propower for them and for us todisregarding me. That's just Eiso always give th the benefit adopt torthe victim yeah. I I I agree. I I agree with that and I think that' s. Thewhole pint of the me too, is like listen Um, but I think there's a lot ofanonymous accusation: Cu uppin up now and how 'd you feel about that ecause that changes them. It doesn't I'm sorry, but, like O, you essentially attacking someone who'sin a high position right like even if it is true or fals youare attackingsomeone in Hyeah. Usually that's how it goes yeah. You need to know that you need to beable to somehow I know its dio it's beyond. Even my understanding, becauseI haven't been in something Solilati, but you need to be able to actually do itwith your name out. There and thou will come with all sorts of popular pubionyourside and it would come with a whole like terrible, terrible things, butthere's no value in giving anormiss avegations like accusations that areanonymous. It doesn't have ANA. It doesn't haveanything behind EU AIE. If you, coal, make an anonymous accusation, but stillsomehow prowhich. I do not know thelegostix O Oye yeah that Mak ses, but the whole ideais that the prof would essentially make you make you name out there and yeah.No, I just it', you gon't understand that itdoesn't actually do any damage to the person you're trying to Attak. If, ifyou are a victim and you're trying to do this anonymously, jus well, thatthing it it shouldn't bay. It has has been working because people have takenthose seriously and I'. My thing is that they should they shouldn't, beable to get a think attention through twitter anonymously, but if they go tothe police, they I think that there's more of a story where they can stayanonymous to the public, but maybe not anonymous to the guy, and then he, theguy. If his guy is UF the public figure, he can't, then you know say that thisthe name named that person to the public, because if she goes through thecourt Um,...

...then I think that's thats Ba. I thinkshe should have the right to stay inonymous to the public, but not to thegay and the guy should not have the right to outer a hundred percent, but the only von Wentar I gess Tony only ethical situation was valus thatif you don't want even your name out there for oa like en, if you don't wante your name out, therefor you're Twell, the Chonce of you going to a police,even though you can understand that you can make ou anornomous you can make.Ayour name doesn't go to the personal thast year. It's a huge Ted from from,like just noin, giving you name to to going, and I tein finding a complain inMright, so it's I would agree that that is probably thebest root to take. If you don't want you name out, and Ithinkou mayavanythingthat'sprobably your only ru, we sorry, if you don't,if you don't want my name out, say that you should go to twitter andanonymously at the person Othink Thi, that's the best we to takeor nono I just I agreed with you the bestprayapaning and complain: Okay, okay, Yeah Ye O. I was trying to understand. I was Umyeah. It was just it's interesting that there's there's a there's also like now thecase of false accusations like ours. I've been digging and and looking atstories about this as well like there's a crazy story of this dude tin,Australia. He married this is like a nightmare scenario and it's like t theworst thing. I think it could happen to like something Linder me too itwas,like he married this woman and they were together for a while, but he shewas like a retty materialistic Um and he had to work two jobs to Han. He boutall the most expensive shit you might have heard of this, and then he um andthen I she was just spending all his money and then he, I guess, met up witha lawyer that she found out. He comes home one day. The House is trashed, she says. Oh, I know you've been seeinga lawyer Y yo. U think you can just get rid of me like this fakyou she runsaway gets in the lift, starts punching herself uppercots ar twice lilike melike. I was up a cut but she's doing it to herself, and then she goes. She goesout brons an us for help the guy he didn't know the guy just thought. Oh,she there's something wrong with her, so he called nine nine nine. At thesame time she did about her, but she accused him of a Biin, a hegot gottaken to jai. She, the police, helped her pack Um everything that she neededfrom the house, which means that she took his shit. A lot is most the mostexpensive possessions that he had and then he had to like hire a lawyer spendloads of money and then until he found the CCTV and N, you see you see it withyour own eyes, her running and then geting to the yellow, va seeing someonepunched thimselves twice in a rage, then blaming someone else, for it isfreakiest fuck man, Yah, that's of Gost Peventa in it Isyou think like that th hadturnedTofour, three Sixtyshjust Ping Buti was like fuckthat wasbelievable. Imean I ge in descension, as no difference to th Central Park, caren right, yeah kindof it's like it's that's a lower version of it yeah. Knowing you yet self aware the party you haveknowing how to use it and yes, a blass and it's creat, 'cause 'cause Ta got methinking that all right, it's it's really hard disproving. Is it's really hard toprove that you've been sexually arosed or assaulters or rapes right? It'sreally really hard to prove it. That's why a lot of people don't do it and andmost guys hpursue they don't do it. They don't go through it. Actuallythat's another thing, but it happens mostly to women and Um butwhat. I found out I as also thinkingthrough and there's loads of cases like that, like I'm Gonta, like of justwomen, who've done this type of stuff, where, like syline, it's even harder.Now To this prof like once, you've been labelled at like a sexual assault orlike a raperst, it's even harder to prove that you're, not and even afterthe the guyse and all the guys have been. This has happened to they sayl,even after you aprove it in the course once the public knows about it, youalways have that stink and even even if it doesn't go like in e in in like itdoesn't blow up online or in the media,...

...the community, the people like the, arepart of your lives. They kind of look at you like your Wi, even after. U hadproven right. So it's a crazy, crazy scenario when literally the victims, in both both the Guis werefortely accused and women who were forced who ere, like obviously assortedUm, they are in like the worst spots andthey have the hardest job to make to to believe to make others believe in theirstory and there's no solution for I. I don't think, and it it's. I guess when it comes tosexual allegations, it's all like sole allegation is really pintrical, because it's the only timethat essentially at least socially you guilty onto prive and innocent yeah and e, it changes the whole spectum right,Othn Yh, it's it's Fu! It's it's it', I'm just imagining what life would belike, if I eve up wit chick. I did that toMusic Ang with Wat when the JF O H S, there is no like small way out. Ther.No, like yes, St v good bless that she did t a lift. How Dum are you to do inthe lift by the way like? Surely you should have done like on the stairswith well? I was thinking she should have just done at home. She should havejust whilet, he was there just punch hirself in the home and just runs away.That's that's the thing that also the worst is like. Had she thought aboutpunching herself in ther face in the house? He would have had no proof thatwas an still. What have happene. That's like that's like a thing from a moviewhere you're the only person that knows the truth and everyone in the worldbelieves this lie. That's that's! No O Yo Amb, yea, inishi thats, I'm gong goum and then althers also ar fuck. There was a one that happened in Britain io.I we wtems this thies Um this woman. Yet this dude waswalking to orf from work and it was like a Waklo station some station and he was Wa walking par as a woman wasthere and then she just accused him of like walking, Pastor andesecially like penetrating her like, like you know, like tsentl griding, onher ND. She said that she felt his Dick Um threw back, and then he got likeprocess and then they had the fooge where they were coming back and theythey didn't even touch. They were like that far apart, they were like evenfurther like they were like they were further than you ow, themy balcony to Um, to Um, to to my living room like reallyit's impossible. Hen to have Tou is like was this l e race? It was on Middle Age,White Yaran, I kinlage white guy that go accused and and then even afterfinding out that, like having access o IC CTV, he still had to go to court,even though it was obvious that it was impossible like tits onl. I think thismorning broke the story or maybe like good morning. America, Oh good morning,Gra sorry Um Yeah. So it's like it's crazy. I I kindof always for of you know I thought yeah, you know whatabout you know some guys. I'm sure that, like you know a lot of these me too,you know there's like fifty fifty cases I my head, I'm like I'm sure ten ofthem alies, but I kind have never thought about or hadn't reallyconsidered as much in depth m the idea of having one accusation and it changingyour life and well that's the thing I think personally having pesantly I've always likedacknowledge ofthatis, the thing that happens, and that can happen, and Ithink wait even before I watched corgo likethat, I was always in my head, but off te Gorl AA. She scared me for life. A Elike Trustoshi bet, it's just. It is true, andespecially when it's like he say she say moment me, like I just said: I'm always goingto be taking the girlside just because it's better to be aiis better to like it's better for a case where she'slying and I'm believing her wronin, I'm not believing anif she's Telin, thetruth IISE. I think my my my take is usually well now, I think, is more refined andit's literally kind of staying away from it's like. If there's anaccusation from a girl- and it's not Beeng investigated- andshe says this happened to me- then I'm like no. This has to be investigated bythe police by the course ACMEN. I will push that. I will scream it illsay it m.

If and thats Ta. I think. As far as I go aI 'cause, I don't Wantta, I don't want to say either way, because I wasn't there andthat's kind of you lose it sometimes um the the goods instinct to be impatheticactually can have a trickle down effect. That's worse on society. Well, yet that's completely true.Considering the women in in those stories, Uyrmentioning Tey, they'remanipling down wit, te Notemethe, like you said, like th, they manipulate thefact that they know that they're going to be taken seriously because there isreal Um. You know there is real um domestic violence. There is real sexualassault and there is real. You know perves grinding on people, I publictransport like Y, so of course these have to be takenseriously, but I think m and like now the public has to be involved W,because when we thought that the courts were handling it and the police werehandling it Harvey Weinstey and proved that this wasn't a case like thedude had it written into his contract. Did you know that Harvy Winsdein? How crazy hit this thathe had his contract said like when he signed with the winsing company, whichit's like he owned it with his brother, his brother made him sin a contractthat spacically says: If you have you know it one sexual assault, essentiallyor one accusation, or whatever you have to pay this amount. If you have two,you have to pay this amount. If you have freeso it was expected, it wasexpectant 'cause, it happened before it was. IIT was inedus contracts, so, ofcourse the public has to be involved, but I think, as the public all we canpush for is for that is for those accusations to be taken seriously andproperly investigated by the police and to to come to conclusions based on thestories I think is, is is an exercise t at lease youthat doesn't lead you to truth or or or lies it kind of just leads tomore confusion. Yes, I m that happens with any syanytype of like growth within society. There's always the individuals thatthere's there's always like how I see Nat Majoriy of society isalways lagging and like there are dicertai individuals who are a littlemore aware of the stat, is Olane Ezin, where IAAND,where theyile leand wood and those are the ones thot are capable of minimpling.I because they ahead of the conversationly. That's true. That's tright, N Yeah, Thaisthat's, a badness jess. It's I been a crazy fucking world and you know, andalso you feel silly if youl silly talking about this like this is welllike you know, I I also don't want it to be confused. I you know I'm some Alwere like kind of like men's rights activists like we're. Definitely not that I I'm I'm ossentially just arguing forlike the best of everyone yeah you canplan like let's face it like I, Inever walk. I I'd never walk in the streets feeling like skas thinking, I asomeone I never. I never thought I'd ever walk in the street and had tothink will this guy. I don't know rape me I its never come into my mind. Soobviously I'm not trying to say that, like you know, as as a guy, you have alot of rights, and you know the only two things. Li e literally like falseaccusations, and maybe, like you know, divorce loss, that's the only that'sthe only things that guys have as like th a thing to be like. Oh Societydoesn't listen to me. Lik Society as it Rongland is butas girls. They have loasof think. Having said that yeah, but having said that, I do findinteresting on the dynamics of when, when, when the man like complaints or like puts in a complainabout like domestic abeese and how that's Takin 'cause there was, therewas a time where that wasn't taken s wher. There was whether the men didn'tfeel when ite was a case o like Ni. This is too iillbe seen I want to beseen as a man. I can't do that Sher or whether it's a case on Light Bacacopsjust, not ingitan seriously. 'cause, like you, think that won't be allSOBITE, but, like there's been so many people that have come out like I'veseen so many one you ce BAC, Pam out, like actual famous Youto ut, I rememberlike I think he was his name Wonc and Touris. I think he doesn't know whatTOLP ten videas. He has bolead and beard an in that house or makes anuseof feltering down t aout. No, he he had this really intense video. I definitely cried, but it was himtalking abow like how difficult he was...

...for him to be in a Toxivrelationshipodosohafor me H, my to bringinationship to tag I mean he was Gav Bein by o go nee a Ishiking, I'm sorry, I'm sorry itsnotco! I just had to let this house 'cause. Itfelt wolly inappropriate and I have those instincts sometimessee, that'swhat societies be doing for years. Yes and that's Whati, thought a problem. Hesaid I'VE CA to probablyly replicate society- Oh God, sorry so so it turned out to like his eggs was beating him all the time yeah and basically he didn't. Actually he didt. I think he was a tod orelationship at things and Um. The actual woman that was like the complain was on was alsoYushuba. She, as she did very controversialfigure. It was like you know, Um. Ah, what's the childish Comvenen, somethat kind o shows America. His Is America, AAs coded Eoh? Yes, she saidshe did like the widedill version of this is America and she got Lotoc orth. She was s shealse did like a a hat. Video on like fat people, you would hate them an andshe was like yeah fond. He would just like lose your way. Just don't comeHean R SOMSHILA. It was a rea like Yeh. She got cansel like fifty times or whatdo you mean? That's what I need to hear. What are he talking about? She willmotivate me. I mean I, I told you him. We love you fany more. We love you for how you are your a well.I don't love Ye for hi. That's not what that's not weady, to hear snoll Abou, OArcomfortable! Don't know this is an approachess partne problem, but it'sthe only way that I work out is through deep shame and embarrassment. Fabe, I'm embarrassed to see yououtside in public with other people around me tomorrow embarrassed how do H. Thank you. Thank you. Ie O. You know what you're a goodfriend. I appreciate you, that's what good friend does Thak. I wwhat was I going to say yeah yesthereStheesyeah, it's it's just he's Yeh mandomestic Reson, all thebeses and all thes sorts are fucking crazy and it's just yeah. It's my yeah. It's crazy it'sawful and it has to be taken seriously and it has to has to be, and thingshave to be properly, investigatives and and by Ta. You know it does mean thatthe you know t e the person alleging this has to be scrutinized, but it doesn't mean thatshe has to be the person has to that. The persondoing the investigation has to be empathet. To that experience, I think a lot of times it you'dprobably be a woman. If a woman is being accused. I I think rethinking howwe deal with that and how those things are taken seriously will have a rippleeffect that wild be ps positive to where t e, the public and the people onTwi are an instegram won't feel like they just have to listen to the victim in a disproportionate amount. Like yeah,I mean yeah, but I think you know yeah, but he me too is not l, a love, F,amazing things and already pushed it forward CIE, so much so hm I mean it it.It's definitely done more good than bad, but it's just the body does is usuallyquiet detrimental in his own way that it should be too bad yeah. The batis isis worse because the bads in that situation means the person is innocent,so yeah and their life is essentially ruined, which is my absolute nightmare like used to be like going. If I w likegoing to jail for something I didn't do. Oh my God like it's almost as bad, no AI's, no, almostas BAC, it's no Enda, but it's basically the equivalent of whereyou're having a fight with your siblings, and you lie that the siblingstar in the fight and then they guess colded, but that onlike a billion timeexactly and dude. I have a perfect one...

...for you, O a perfect story that thatperfectly exemplifies this. I I H when I was W. Iwoud have been eleven or twelve and my youngestsisters ory. She would have been h eight and we were like we like play fighting yeah,just like fighting. She was laughing. I was loughing, I wasn't even doinganything and then she and then like she saw my dad, walk and then and N sh, myWa lkewh what's happening and then and then she just like watched this and shedid an Osca Winnang cry like I an her and then she was like you just hat melike that and real tears were coming down and I was just confused and it waslike then my dad was what's that I can't believe. Ah My God like and then sh I go to your room n gotsend to my room. She didn't even come clean bror and she was laughing andthen after Oh man, it does as a yeah. Clearly I'm not over there is this. The sister you metit yeah all right all right. This is definitelya cool hour. NOG Contre Sopati come clean about that andalso I know that you scratched my double or seven video game becauseyou're mad at me 'cause, I didn't. Let you play know you scratched it, I knowis cretched it. So, on the break, we were talking lover,Mandel and Kinda. Just Tho just have this conversation on the Portan Sea.PALISE turns out. If this shame were Nogen addit, but yeah yeah Takan agess cover yeah pretty much. I think we, I think,in a general in a general way. What we were discussing was both. I guess, therole that you play in your own mental health so like as in like theindividual, and also how to deal with the people in your life when they'regoing through it Um when they're struggling them into health and Um. What I, what I was saying wasessentially that Um, I I think, like just my generalattitudes Um to life, it's just that life can belike amazing and wonderful, and it can also be you know, tyrannical and darkand Um. You know you can't really control any of it. It's all ebbs andFlohs, and essentially all YEU can control is howyou react to whatever's happening in your life, whether there's some thisthere's happiness. This happen is in Youorizons, you know horizon, you canchoose not to engage with it or you can just SR engage with it. The same thingwith the darkness like you, can you canchoose Um to to like dwell on it or you can? Oh, you can KINDOF, take a stepback and think about what's the best way to Um for you to react to whereyou'll be able to come out of it in in in in a in you know in it is good in as good asplace as you can think of at that time, and I think that's my general attitudeto it. It's just like the e' absent clotes. You can't control any of it andjust if you feel, if you, if you're struggling with your onemental health,then you know you kind of have toacknowledge what the problems are and then figure out how to solve them in ain a kind of simple, like you know way: Yeah O reel Um. Well, you know me wellenough hat, I don't read Life Doi, so FM doihihowhungry 'm, not that, but Ijust don't like Char 'cause Charees, always polked me, so why I tend to dowhich words which isn't Advisin when I don't Reckon Anyich Shou Pol Ism when when something is happening orwhen I'm doing something, when some source situation is occurring, my braidwould have orchestrayed five hundred different bad scenarios like everythingfrom Lan Im, pleasant to literally nignethere, literally. How am I goingto jail from this over? I I' barely ovy ga into a situationwhere I haven't actually soy coming M that makes ense and it's, and it has happened where I gointosituations where not it expectit, it happened. But I Ido like to think that I'm somewhat adoctable so wat but Sigito what youwere saying in the Brak. I would just...

...instantly react to it and I would soolike resolve whatever the situation is, but then the burden of intensity would hit me lay of yeah. ItT it's interesting, 'cause like it's. It's weird 'cause Um, especially with quarantine and all thatUm the pad and everything I like, there'sso much new things, but like I, I really enjoy like doing something Ienjoy like actually making difference doing all that sear, but, like thesecond wh, I used to feel for like a good three weeks. Happene, where, likethe second after we recorded upon, I meanlike like M, stop the recording andeverything Lik Have San by USI I'll, just brop in the mead and I'll justfeel down for the rest of the day. Really it woull be really Weid, becausebasically Iam a doer and if I'm not doing anything et really foughts meover here, especially with Fano, and everything like that. I did everythingto make me busy and Um. So if and I unfotunately plan on all myshit, an I'm like, oh, I do anything. Onteo do ti this. An thisis soting likeif I doesn't go vyon, my pime he's just AA, just Redundan J sitybof, and that'swhy I found especially during quarantine. It's just like, if I'm notdoing something R. If I haven'MPLIN mating a the problem with like everydaylife withwhen, he wasn't wonting his life. There was less planning of mytime. It was just pontinos meals with you. Lods Ho was just shilling with mes, it was just there was always something to do and spontaneous wasgood yeah but like when it's stuck in a home e there's no such thing ofspontaneous at thepoint. Everything has to beplied, and so then, when that isthe case like if I'm like litially Fin, I just take the rest of the day off. Mymood is completely off I'll, be like no to a certain level and yeah. It's aweird face. It's a Weid faith. 'cause. Would you, I think I think, would yousay that this pont an AC basically for you only works like in relation to you already havingthat base like so like the fact that you already have that discipline ofwaking ot going to work, finishing work, and then you know when you have that routine and ithappens every single day five days a week. You kind of respontanety is awelcomed like addition to it, but so it soundslike spontanesy is good, but only if you have that discipline, becauseotherwise, if just anything, can happen at any point, I D- I remember with theboys, atone point. This was like a couple. o years ago, we had like athree day O it was the Mgrega someone. There was a f boxing fight and we wehad incargo, we was at and then it was. It was like three days it was a backCollorday as well. It was a Mondeys, but I remember feeling pathetic aboutmyself afterta like ofter the Hangov and everything, because Tet was just somuch of just yeah. I don't know it's a little fuckedup in the head for Li E. I like when fun is like, as in fun, should be theside dish, but if the Su a fun becomes a main dish, I feel like I'm a littlelost and that's tha in Er, IM, l relli, yeah knowat'sinteresting, I don't foma always nameone gets when it comesto like anyone's like crazy Niu stories. But one thing I do get jealous of isn'tnecessarily someone's lifestyle ev, but it's Wats, Ige Jealous Ot, peoes, griedand sometimes lan does inspire. You know, like I idi just just constantly like seeing peoplejust grow constantly just see just like how their mind works. Fascinates me Yeh,like Thas. I think that's sometimes that I must drive you insane 'cause. I.I would literally text you by the point everything wll do. That's literally howmy mind works. I ineoh Noo we're doing the O. We we got to do something forthe Punt Toda O. do something he's literally an overdrive up there. IAND then like it, it Omy brainworks, I'm like yeah it it s,it's one of the thing than I think I'm Futu clad for the point when it comesto like quarantie congenually. I don't think like I don't know, there's only athere's, only certain level of like exports in wanking yess. I feel on that MN. I feellyou onthat. I feele on that, like yea, the pad cost definitely restarted a certaingear of just you know. Um, like whatever self made gear was in melike that podcost opened up a lot of... Um, my that routine opened up a lot ofdifferent QU projects. For me, like you know, Li Learning Guitar I'm spending alot of time on guitar Um. You know right in I wrote that article that youread like iisits all it's all coming like, because it was restarted from that. Isee the POD casses like the start of this new error for me and th t justlike okay Um. As soon as things start going back to normal, I'm going intothat focus. Mindset see that's the thing. I I'm very like as much as I amhappy. Weth I'e, an pausing everything opening up next week and everythinglike IAM more excited. We just somewhat like everyday life to begin, and I'm justI'm more than any ong, I'm just curious on how everything fits into place andhow like how how things will just enemy from here 'cause yeah. We got a bangingfoundation for this stuff and it's it's just and I think more than anything,especially knowing me an. I might wo saying everything it'slike for us to bethis committed to this everysingl week and everything like that I' be doing itactually to a decent tinrdi. Don't se my so yeah, it's like it! It's on o a cooslike hey how o o? U No Li e, I am like thinking. Abot is the beginning. stagers an Usei goes,but I E it's it's a BA abaand and I'm soanb Fori. It is it's! It'sinteresting, the gay that you have. Actually, it just got me thinking aswell, just lightly divect, going back to what Yo w're saying about how um you you seem like Ires, a certain typeof dude that Ha that grind in them that, where, like you, just you can't take nothing likenothing happening is just not inyou and and if you were like, if you were in a forest, and someonegave you like uh, like I n't know something to chop trees with you'lljust do that over and and and over again, because, like you just have thatgrinding you because it's like, if you have the option of just not doinganything, you'll, have some food or cropping trees down with your with yourtooll you'll trop, the trees and- and I rate that I read that a lot. Ithink I think Um. You know I D, I don't know where it came from. I I don't knowwher ther's, like the whole, like Di being self employed thing. I just wotelike growup S, looking out or anything like that, but Heisis, just it's reallyfun ethough. The saddest times in my life are usually when Eitheri'm havingtoo much fun and not actually having a plan of o where I'm just like toocontent with my life, I no actually pay ar so like. If I don't grind any harderI', I don't feel I I'm doing anything NASNA it. It's really bad forMeetovenbe Sagmon. I I I'm. I have indying peal for just staying in thesame place and it's not even like so extreme tha, all being the same joblike for five years now it jus like I, if two months exactly the same IIknowsame I well, I have th, I I have a, I think I think of it. I do needvariation, I needed a lot of variation and but I think it has more to do withenvironment and like when I said lifestyle it didn't really mean like Um yeah, it doesn't mean partin or likethe workout. It could also mean grinding. It just means like the focusing like being committed tosomething, and I'm just I just happen to love toomany things to the point where all right, then I the fact that I lovecommit in to certain things whether is like you know: the Tas newactor Wt Nwell. In a way I'm commiit to notcoming Y youyou've read bad ones before I v AR, a Mr it Wasit was just a truth, just a truth, Mtis but um yeah. I think it I kind of view it m as a an environmental thing. I justneed variation of some kind to for me to have new thought actually yeah. Iintigates just the rest of Youall, like I guess exactly just exactly T. that'sthat's the best way to think about it. Creativity to me is key for me to formeto operate and to MDO forit and for me You'e having my post s is is if I wasto tell if I was to see like Wen your purpose in life, yea being Ma.

That's no Yo Goto much ess, like you dothat subpoinstiously ow can Igi've seen how you think about the dulbess anddullest of things and, like your brain, is magnificent piece of Wor cand also.This is why we compliment each other as well, because I'm because you're likeoverload with just conscientiousness, was just having a real approach to but likeactual, but that's the type ofshit that really gets things going really gets things moving like likethat h t the ability to be like Yo. This has o d. This has to be done.BECA CCAN, Stop Bo, SOT, Ou know a stop. What's done, yeah do literally yeah. Iis that I, it is good wit, a sociage jog bit's, a Workan uh. I used to think myself like spiritanimal was a sausage okes, a a workey, that's whaso work out like I just slike go mov, I goom er, it's g, then for me it's just like it. I have that wayjust. I have tothink new things and, and it and it trickles down to just like I guess I Ican maybe think of I go too far and Er's it's a new area. We can explorewher, we can move caike he's a new area. We wl can move HR. You can he's likeI'm not don with this area. Yead come onismpercent and then let's go jumpingand hundred miles of Ama, I'm just like.Let's just jump two hundred percent two hundred percent of the time,gentlemanaand so Eso. I think Thir's, like quite a nice Um, complimentingthat we have going on yeah UNOUSI. It was Lovey Tobe, right Samuel. You know that I've beenhooked onto Neugo and considering I've drumped back into my study. Any means of prograssination is glead. So when it's card video, the weddiceMeugo Im bin ill- and I guess when you like- stop enting likea gracial newt anything called you stopp to see like Sumaries, betweenlike your life and bears and all that O. I immediately I said Youwere such anick because that's a Ol thing, tha thol come ma, but ogain so visualize.This okay, I have Aka it's going to be for eachindividual, so in your Sicom you'll Makeari, misecomanart yeah, so my cycl Im to Mak aractop, and onlyI that you have a huge promemroll in it till till the first season, fassedepside to las eason non. But I was going to ask in youth in your in your Zicon. We, where you, where I'myour friend o Wat cartalk. Would you give me and Wwho would be like my overarching, Lyke team? THAT'S ALL W OFF! You Yeah all right! Well, I WANTA I'mreally it back because kind of. I think I read it slightly differently, W wh N,when? U, when you first Poyon Firsti put it forth to me. So I start thinkingof like what my Sycom would be. I think that actually, I would be I would be like I was born in a spinoff and then I' e got my own spin off and then I had another spinon afterVATSAT because of like my when I think of hat my childhood memories from zeroto six in France, two, you Kno, six TOR, thirteen and N to thirteen is just so.It's like two different sitcomes, I'm the only constant in that Sincom and Iwas like a minor character and then I got slightly more prominentand then Mo Sha. My life man, that's like fin cals was just a sideman formost of his light e okay. So we all our lives, have a fedifferent sitcoms and we kind of just Operatein Spin Offs Um, but in terms ofRightwhat, would your role in my Sicom B, Yeah whish, to say: If, if you were a go d, be like whatdod I mean to Youhow Much, do you love me a how much you love me. I Wunn't gotyetyyet like this. Oh my God, you love me so much! None! AOTHERJUSTWHY, didn'tI mean Yeti. What characwould you be.

So it's mice, it comes obviously I'mthe main you're HM. Do what she like. Compare you to like anewgoll character or any character or just come up with your character. I was going to go for the lost option,but Ogan. This is whati for S, see where it takes you and yourk ahead.This is how you are my seconwell. Obviously I asa come is going to becosting for Love, Col Back O im casting foro we're both forecastis'cause we're successful, apparently so your character iniright, I a start with like Oltieslese,ladiesman, Eero and Um. I go out and going, let's just hope wedon't get. So I win to say that you bcauseCasicomesall, about like it's all about people in that noes, acting like theyrein their twenties and people in the teems, watching that so um I want to sing in the fist. Episode issimilar to how, like friends or parmy mother, he is like the first episode,the main Har to meets the main actress and like, and then they kindaf like doont and off till the end, upso. No we're going to change Ahen you're goingto meet the goal in the first episode that you're going to end up within anand right way. Wai, I'm going to be the girl. No! No! No! No do Jo. I mean likeyou're, going to meet the go that You'e Goin to end up with ontokay Yeah Yeah Yeahso you're, going to hook up withthem yeah, and then you shatn the bed literally you're talking about Mera Ush and she runs away her and then then you guys and the Isi Pa he canmake apeter like a AE. Athing there's no situation that hisn't too awkward fohim. So then you end up bumping into this garl again and then you have a great knight, but you don'tBon so no shame in inwot and then an wil inthe audience US wher.We find out that this go he's more scared of commitment than you that's interesting, oh so so soc, CoCasthis is twenty twenty one and me too n everything W we're going to have herhave our own hog, because we no w SOTIC, forgot te W andthen. She has this whole Ark of herlike coming to towns with her bad relationships and all that titly beable to commit to this hunk of a man, and then you have your own reflectionover seasons to finally realize why you shit yourself every single time youhave sex with her its because you've found true love. I'm red e lost episode. She comes out and saysIV GOS. She hashyeahy. Oh that's hilarious! That's quite funny!Oh! That is the reason I liteo shit the bed,because I'm scared I found love. I found love.I don't know what else to do, but to shit. The bed iave never experiencesbefore and then she's sperfect to me because youmoms Mare card ani, oh gosh, that's so good! Oh, that's sogood! Oh, my God! People people to reappreciate this people goin to haveto like watch a few episodes of this. This Ma. This has no comic Manu. If youhaven't head anyou think about a all right, Righto, let me let me SCATCScattscimprov one for you right now mm so gals the main character. So you M, YOU ARE A TV GEEK! You Love TV, youYououyou Ol Someon, trying to call me...

Um rude, all right Um, so you you'veloved it all your life. You Um Yo your a point where you don't know:If TV imitates your life or if the reason T v works is because it's it'sbecause it is borrowing from like your life's experiences right. So ' You'relike in this real inis real point, so you get into these situations where wher you're, just it used to be thatyou watched watch an episode ot of a Sitcom and Oh my God. I have a memorythat mitlly that the C I went through that then you reached a point where youyou you're, watching an up sitcoms thatyou'd watch an episode and Dally would happen to you after so you start to think cold on what ishappening. What is this wh w? What is happening? Who Am I andthen what happens? You meet a go. You MEE A go and she is. She is an acxress that played in yourfavorite siccom. You meet that girl Ho that girl, Roaneyou meat, robit yeah. You meet Robin Cobe's, Moden and Robin Robin comes to you and she's.Talking to you like she knows you she's, like Oh, my God. I have tdisconnectionwe. I love you so much you're, so great you're so fit. I feel, like. I know,you're in a deep deep way and I can prove it. You used to be fat whenyouere younger you used to be a shobster and you're like, Oh, my God, that's sotrue, and then she tells you yeah and Thn, and then she tells you and she tells you. I know I know moreabout Ye. I know that your did Owen his own business. I owned his own businessand you're, like Oh, my God, how'd. You know that that's still crazy, I feel soconnected to you. This is meant to be and then throughher you go through. Essentially the teds Robin Chibotzski, the whole tensheories of Howmach, your mother, wher Yo, will day one day. You know she's,not ready for commitment. You are you're an oval romantic, but then youFALCAP B'cause Youe, see in someone else. I know you the whole thinghappens and then at the end, the last episode you thinking ofthinking, O yourself. How did I get here? I loved this girl, so much an'vebeen through so much we've been throughswe've shared, so many memories,good bad and ugly. She knows me. She knew me so well from from that veryfirst talk that we had fur. She said that I used to be fat, then my dad USDto own his own business and then it turned out and e and thenyou go and you till you t remember how did you know this of these things aboutme and en she's like she gets awkward 'cause now, he' spends so much timewith hot. You know when she's she's trying to avoid the subject. You knowwhen she's lying, you know when she she's digressing and then what happensyou get suspicious and roomy and Ruar you get suspicious. You like hold onshe's, avoiding Indian. You ask O Coendis Tel Yo. How how did you know?Was it just a feeling she's, like Oh yeah, just a feeling you're like you',clearly lying, I don't buy it, you don't tell it, but you thinkin yourhead, then what happens you go to you? Go to y? U To your room, you go onGoogle, you know you're, not getting any. So your masterbat just gest to Beto be level headed andthen you go. You go an Google and you try to find um a hacker, slash, private investigator.You find them and then two months after o 'cause you wanted to be level headed.You wanted to know if, if Youwere, just emotional, because you hadn't shougedin a while Yoyou, never had do and and a th N, you find this privateinvestiga investigator. He gets back in touch with you, two mints after he saysGals. I've got something for you like what is it? What is it he says yetbefore you met, I found hold like her old lapto and she was obsessed with you.She followed multiple pictures of you. She she she had wound up, creating the SICCOM,because she thought that you were her teds and as she had to make it happen, and then it becomes like a truman. Show sorry and what happens? Is You goinsane because you don't know what trwhat's true was to trust and what notto trust H M, and that is not your Sitcom, but is asiccom.

So so at leasted my life when Wiam, Iwould show you I'm giving you to way to Resov yourComminmeesos by he end of it and you have your own show and MineisGin be trunt, Toca, exdenso crisis rel. You know why you know why, becauseyou're original, no dud, 'cause you're original Broh you're, one of a kind there will be nHo. Were such a fan of sitcoms that you woudn't, you didn't want your Sitcom tobe like any of the other ones. He wanted to stand out and and then whathappens you you get this egcential cris. You don't know who to trust. You StartSmoking wheed and then you take heroine and you die. But then they pick up your story and itturn your life into a Sitcom, and that is a real ghoust legacy. How metter is that and people stude you for years andyears they studied the life of gals. Your great great grandchildren are likeHey, I'm directly related to this man he's my great great granddad and you're,proud of you. Your Dad is proud of you. Idoe sowit,you CARRI, the family, l, the fact of the family legacy the world has tostudy every university. They study you, no matter what cause in maps philosophy.It's such a a compelling story, the reason I texed Yowith a littlecouple of ideas bee for the Poitgar iscause. I do that you can thet. When Idrunk something out of a I, I r I read it Ri. I read it wrong all rightconfess it. I read it wrong. I thought I had to come up with my own sitcomefor my own life and think of the rold you played in my own life, so then wha. But then I thought you were going to dothat and then wewere going to see like how we vew each other. That's where Ithought was going to be, but I came up with a decent story. Ari Mean I get oi get to Boad andRobbin Min yeah that that's a that's a gift, that' sixy gas. You get to boneRobin you get you get to have children with her. You get you get to m, live a life of a Sitcom for ten years.Just Tha last year it was ' at is not great. That's a Lagt earbut every everythingelse is amazing and romantic. Ious you' Welcae bet just so nice. I didn't know what I was going to say: Maymthe Best Fab is bad going on hisown way, mad t Tev, you do U ee, never gote wrong before te and also that space Te. Your life isbasically a Sitcom already youolready, I'm somehow articulatein my life justto have a revolving door O and like relationships that you know what the problem was. Iliterally did the reverse of what you said. I saw SICKCON and I artificlly inmy life to become one I I wastoo deep, tutly F, but on a was inthere you know it's badevery time I trie to get out they just put iand. Iwas forced to to pretend I was moving to a different country. Oh my Gosh alrtgos then are we done yet jow for now.

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